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Karina Kokina

African Cyber Security

Today’s society is increasingly affected by a lack of cyber security.

On a national, local, and personal level, it has an influence. Nation states, terrorist organizations, stateless organizations, and rogue people may launch a cyber-attack from anywhere, at any time, disrupting and harming our democracy and way of life with a few keystrokes.

Parliament passed the Data Protection Act of 2018 (“DPA”) in August 2018 and it is currently in effect. This important piece of law will have a significant impact on how you store, gather, and safeguard your personal information. Noncompliance and data breaches will result in massive fines of up to P1 million, as well as the risk of a lengthy prison term.

Breakaway sessions with the speakers will be held at this year’s conference. You can reserve your position in these seminars ahead of time. This year’s experience will be more engaging, with cutting-edge technology on exhibit and access to world-class guidance.

African Cyber Security Events in 2022 - 2023

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Botswana | Gaborone
July 6, 2022