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AIBC Summit

AIBC Summit is a conference organizer with events throughout the world.


Toronto’s expanding impact in venture capital, deep tech, and innovation, according to Forbes, making it a suitable home for AIBC’s pioneers. Therefore, their event in Canada was an obvious choice.

The AIBC Americas Expo will be a safe harbor for many an investor and entrepreneur wanting to ride the wave of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, as it will be a center for the world’s best specialists in legislation, policymaking, technology development, and cutting-edge research. Toronto is a center for new technology and its integration into day-to-day living, according to the which ranks it among the top smart cities.

For a long time, the Commonwealth of Independent States has been seen as an area with enormous economic potential. Economic change and a burning desire for modernisation have the potential to upset the whole area, from Kazakhstan’s undulating plains to the breathtaking views of the Black Sea.


Ukraine has served as both an accelerator and an incubator for Deep Tech, carving out its own role in the global economy as an emerging centre for technology and innovation.

Ukraine’s expanding IT industry has the potential to drive technical advancement in the larger area, ranking first in the world in terms of C++ and Unity3D developers, and second in terms of JavaScript, Scala, and Magento experts.

Kyiv is a natural home for AIBC CIS, being one of the oldest cities in the CIS with one of the most young approaches to economic growth, entrepreneurship, and technical innovation.

Join the AIBC CIS Summit for three days of educational panels, interactive seminars, and exciting networking events where you can meet the bright minds who are delivering tomorrow’s technology to us today. With a rich history and a bright future in mind, Europe as a whole has taken a number of steps to become technologically competitive.

The European continent benefits from both a forward-thinking culture and a drive for a tech-friendly future, since it is at the forefront of research and development as well as the home of the SiGMA Group.


Malta has always pushed to be among the first to innovate when it comes to developing technologies, having been one of the first jurisdictions to regulate cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Malta hopes to be a pillar in the region’s technological growth by bringing together tech experts, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the world to talk, share ideas, form collaborations, and lay the groundwork for the industry of the future.

Join delegates for three days of panel discussions in Malta, keynote speeches, workshops, and casual networking activities aimed at laying the groundwork for the future of the economy.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE’s economic Vision 2021 document’s “United in Knowledge” pillar emphasizes that innovation and technology progress would be at the heart of the country’s future.

The 2022 AIBC UAE expo aims to bring together policymakers, developers, C-suite executives, and legal experts from the expanding AI and Blockchain industries, bringing them to the Middle Eastern metropoles for cutting-edge technology. The exhibition aims to provide the groundwork for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with three days of informative panels, exciting keynote speakers, workshops, and networking activities.

Renewable energy, transportation, education, health, technology, water, space, and frontier technologies such as blockchain will be prioritized by the UAE.

AIBC Summit Events in 2022 - 2023

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Canada | Toronto
June 6, 2022

Ukraine | Kyiv
August 22, 2022

Malta | Valletta
November 14, 2022

United Arab Emirates | Dubai
March 20, 2022

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