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Karina Kokina

Ascend Global Media

Ascend Global Media is the world’s first multi-touch platform designed particularly for women in the IT industry.

They’ve created a worldwide 360-degree experience, which includes both digital and physical elements, that delivers a comprehensive offering of knowledge, inspiration, and networking opportunities, all handpicked to help you advance your career in the technology sector.

They create events in cyberspace and in the real world, they build communities across countries and industries, they create content, they host webinars, they provide master classes and skills workshops, they host parties and networking events, they bring the world’s most inspiring speakers to you, and they connect you with other women in the global tech ecosystem.

Unlike many media firms that have lately started producing D&I events and/or content but have no true relationship with, or desire for progressive change, Ascend Worldwide Media was formed with one clear mission: to help their global community of exceptional women achieve equality and development.

The company’s fabric is woven with diversity, and it shows in everything they do and produce.

Ascend is genuinely a worldwide movement, spanning Chile to Chicago, London to Lagos, San Francisco to Seville, Cape Town to Kuala Lumpur.

Over 1000 top women in tech, from global leaders to innovative start-ups, will come together to celebrate the power of resilience by shining a spotlight on the technology, people, and businesses that are driving change.

This is a space for women in technology to interact and exchange ideas in order to create a better future.

Why Should You Attend The Event?

Our expert-led masterclasses, seminars, and keynotes will give you with all of the technology knowledge you want!

Join the who’s who of the IT industry and create meaningful contacts. You’ll meet the individuals who will help you advance your career!

Technology experts, inventors, and pioneers will share their knowledge, wisdom, and insight, giving you with the motivation you need to succeed in your profession.

Advancement in your career
Attend interesting seminars and interactive sessions led by industry experts to learn the skills of the future.

Ascend Global Media Events in 2022 - 2023

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United States | California, San Francisco
May 10, 2022

United States | Massachusetts, Boston
October 20, 2022

United Kingdom | London
November 22, 2022