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Karina Kokina

Cyber Security Conference at Sea

At the same time, go on a cruise and brush up on your security skills. Attend the First Cyber Security At Sea Conference with your fellow security professionals. A fun and cost-effective method to earn CEUs while still taking a vacation with your family.

You will enjoy two six-hour days of Cyber Security Education and Training while sailing from New York City on the Carnival Magic for a five-day trip to Bermuda. While they are docked in Bermuda, the training will take place while they are at sea, and you will have two full days of fun in the sun and relaxation! Check with your tax advisor to see if this is a tax-deductible educational cost.

Topics Covered on the Cruise


Wireless Risk Analysis and Security is a webinar that gives you a complete look at how hackers breach wireless networks and how they think about it. Wireless may be complicated, and successful learning necessitates familiarity with a new set of acronyms as well as an understanding of how these technologies fit into the larger picture. The security expert will get the skills and information necessary to comprehend how wireless networks work. This course lays the groundwork for doing wireless reconnaissance and exploitation using and Windows tools. WI-Fi security issues will be shown in a real-world setting.

Build a Security toolbox for free

Even the most secure IT system can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to weaknesses. Vulnerabilities must be tested on a regular basis due to constantly changing network environments, social engineering methods, and old or unpatched software. Vulnerability testing, also known as vulnerability assessment or analysis, is a one-time procedure for identifying and categorizing security flaws in a network. Its goal is to make it more difficult for cyber thieves to breach your IT defenses and get unauthorized access to critical systems and data. A vulnerability assessment will identify critical information assets, identify vulnerabilities that compromise asset security, and provide suggestions to improve the organization’s security posture and lower risk.

In this session, they’ll utilize Parrott OS, Parrot Security’s flagship offering, which is a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution developed with security and privacy in mind. It comes with a complete portable laboratory for all types of cyber security activities, including pen testing, digital forensics, and reverse engineering. It also comes with everything you’ll need to create your own program and keep your data safe. The operating system will be installed on a USB stick supplied to each participant. Some of the will be taught, as well as how to utilize them.

PowerShell for Auditors

PowerShell is a wonderfully strong technology that IT managers may use to automate a variety of tasks in their environment. When used to audit and safeguard a Microsoft Windows ecosystem, however, PowerShell truly shines. This PowerShell for Auditors lecture begins with an introduction to PowerShell and then moves on to how you may use PowerShell to inventory your environment and safeguard Windows. This session will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know by using a hands-on approach.

This one-day workshop walks participants through PowerShell from start to finish, introducing them to the vast variety of capabilities accessible through PowerShell. PowerShell is an excellent tool for carrying out and automating audits. All auditors should devote some time to learning how to use PowerShell.

You’ll have access to a new and useful tool, including:

  • Introduction to PowerShell
  • PowerShell Scripting
  • PowerShell Automation
  • Auditing with PowerShell Favorite Tips and Tricks

Blockchain for Auditors

Blockchain has the potential to be one of the most significant IT disruptors since the internet, speeding up breakthrough applications across a wide variety of sectors. Blockchain, according to Wikipedia, is “an open, distributed ledger that may efficiently and permanently record transactions between two parties.”

Simply said, blockchain allows you to put your confidence in others. The security of corporate assets between member organizations is ensured by a Blockchain. Blockchain specialists are in great demand as the number of company blockchains grows. They are in charge of creating, strategizing, and implementing blockchain technology for everyday company operations.

Come learn about Blockchain and how to get started with the technology!

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July 4, 2022