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Karina Kokina

Cyber Security Summit Brasil

The Cyber Security Summit Brasil, conceived by Chairman Rafael Narezzi, a specialist and global reference in cybersecurity, and designated by Forbes Brasil as one of the world’s most important events on internet security, aims to disseminate information and debate the most pertinent topics on cybersecurity.

The conference has 100% educational content and has been recognized in the main press vehicles for boosting the educational level in the cybersecurity industry for the past six years.

The event will include significant figures from across the world who work on the front lines and in key roles in government, security agencies, and huge institutions’ digital security, as well as researchers and global corporations. The previous version, which took place over two days in a digital setting, had more than 30 speakers, including officials from the World Health Organization, the Global Economic Forum, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Oversight Group, and the Brazilian Army.

Cyber Security Summit Brasil Events in 2022 - 2023

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Brazil | Sao Paulo
September 28, 2022