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Karina Kokina

Day of Shecurity

No. This event is not organized by the late and great Sean Connery; instead – it is one of the best cyber events taking place in the West Coast.

A free interactive one-day conference for women in technology interested in cybersecurity, Day of Shecurity was first held in San Francisco in 2017 and is now being held in other cities across the world.

The first Day of Shecurity was held in Boston in 2019, and the first virtual, location-agnostic conferences will be held in 2021.

A collaborative effort between Secure Diversity, the Lookout Diversity Steering Committee, the Day of Shecurity Core Team, and a variety of organisations who feel that diversity and inclusion are important in our sector is behind the event.

In addition, non-profit organisations and special interest groups from the surrounding region are welcome to join.

Day of Shecurity Events in 2022 - 2023

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United States | California, San Francisco
May 11, 2022