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Escom Events

Escom Events deliver personalized B2B trade fairs, practical conferences, large-scale events, and topical seminars to corporate leaders, keeping them up to speed on industry trends, technology breakthroughs, and the regulatory landscape. Escom Events conferences are “must-attend” market-leading events for their respective sectors – and they have a focus on Cybersecurity conferences in APAC.

At one of their “One Stop Shop” Summit, all of their activities are geared to help cooperating suppliers reach out to prospects and explore new business opportunities. They bring together government officials, investors, developers, operators, and all other sorts of stakeholders on a single platform for a 2-3 day private workshop on each business. The event programs cover the most critical industry strategic concerns and provide solutions to specific difficulties as well as technical viewpoints.

Their events are promoted both physically and virtually.

Escom holds 20+ conferences across Asia each year, and we also provide customised bespoke events such as webinars, online advertising, product launch, and integrated event marketing; they are indeed a pioneer in Asia as a provider of complete webinar services.

The 2022 CyberSecAsia Summit 2.0 Virtual Conference is SE Asia’s only Decision Makers’ event for CISOs and information security specialists.

The organizer had presented 50+ speakers, 1000+ registered audiences, and information security specialists from Asia nations, particularly Southeast Asia, in the previous 10+ webinars. It offers everyone in-depth discussions and special networking chances. It serves as a forum for the establishment of alliances and initiatives, as well as a showcase for the most recent technology that ensure the safety and security of government, business, and individuals.

They folks at Escom Events also organize AI Events.

AI Plus is a conference series in Asia that focuses on AI practical application for commercial business usage.

This event brand is founded on Escom’s 10+ years of B2B event expertise and unrivaled relationships with 200,000+ Asia business leaders. AI Plus enables company owners to accelerate their digital transformation and digital progress through the use of AI. They connect, share, educate, and analyze the trends and technologies that are transforming the next generation of corporate digitalization. Attending the event will provide you with trustworthy insights, analyses, and trends from world-renowned AI pioneers, allowing you to remain ahead of change, assist your AI integration, and make better-informed decisions.

The event mixes varied enterprises’ “today and tomorrow” perspectives with the potential of adopting what artificial intelligence now has to offer. There is space in the conference agenda for both inspiration and exchanging experiences, including real-life case studies from companies that have successfully implemented AI solutions in various industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Education, Retail, Marketing, Food Drinks, Cybersecurity, and more.

Escom Events Events in 2022 - 2023

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Philippines | Manila
February 23, 2022

Singapore | Singapore (City)
February 23, 2022

Singapore | Singapore (City)
May 24, 2022