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Identity Defined Security Alliance

The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) is an organization of identity and security vendors, solution providers, and practitioners that serves as an independent source of thought leadership, knowledge, and practical assistance for IT professionals on identity-centric approaches to security. The IDSA is a non-profit organization that encourages community engagement to assist organizations in reducing risk via education, best practices, and resources.

The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) was founded to assist enterprises in recognizing the need of integrating identity and security, hence lowering the risk of a breach through identity-centric security methods. More crucially, the IDSA aims to break down challenges into common identity-centric security outcomes and implementation methodologies — with the purpose of providing practitioners with guidance and suggestions.

Identity Management Day Virtual Conference 2022

It’s a one-day virtual conference that brings together security professionals, suppliers, and advocates in order to raise awareness, exchange best practices, and motivate individuals—as well as companies of all sizes—to take action when it comes to properly managing and safeguarding online identities. Visit with our exhibitors at our virtual exhibition, which will open at 8 a.m. Mountain Time. At 9 a.m. MT, they’ll kick off the day with the announcement of the awards and the keynote panel.

An Identity Management Day t-shirt will be given out to the first 300 people who register from the United States.

Understanding CIEM Fundamentals for Effective Multicloud Security Enablement

Kurt John, Siemens USA’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Raj Kamachee is the CIO and CTO of Team Rubicon. Axay Desai, Founder & CEO, ObserveID, Inc., Tom Malta, CEO and Principal IAM Experts, LLC

Gartner included CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management) in its newest Hype Cycle in 2020. As practically all enterprises have embraced hybrid or multi-cloud architectures, CIEM has emerged as a critical facilitator in safeguarding access and entitlements across the Cloud. The task of enabling this visibility can be overwhelming for IT professionals at all levels, resulting in confusion and integration complexities.

Speakers will highlight real-world examples of how the CIEM industry has evolved since its beginnings, as a method of assisting enterprises in filling gaps caused by their fast Cloud migration. We will also review and discuss some industry best practices for implementing and operationalizing CIEM inside an organization’s existing infrastructure in order to optimize visibility, security, and ROI.

Achieving Passwordless for People & Machines

Reduced or complete password elimination is typically part of a company’s quest to attain seamless and secure access for its workers, partners, and customers. Passwords are insecure, expensive to maintain, and easily hacked. But how do you get rid of passwords for good? What are the resources required to replace them? And how are you going to train all of your personnel to manage various credentials and new solutions?

On May 12th, join IDSA, Axiad, and Ping to see how your company can give safe access without using passwords.

The team will discuss:

  • How 80% of data breaches are caused by stolen or weak credentials
  • How passwordless is defined for people and machines
  • Steps organizations can take to achieve passwordless
  • Key takeaways you can apply to your company’s IAM strategy today

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United States | Colorado, Denver
April 12, 2022

United States | Colorado, Denver
April 21, 2022

United States | Colorado, Denver
May 12, 2022