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Karina Kokina

OSMOSIS Institute

The OSMOSIS Institute, founded in 2015, began sponsoring the annual OSMOSIS Conference to educate, enlighten, and safeguard cyber security investigators and analysts. The OSMOSIS conference, created by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigators for the legal, law enforcement, investigative, business, and accounting communities, provides the latest cutting-edge methodology and power tactics to acquire actionable search results straight from your own computer. The OSMOSIS conference brings together some of the world’s most well-known social media and open-source investigative trainers in a single educational event. This specialist gathering provides nonstop instruction on the black web, the most recent cellular and desktop social media investigations, open-source seeking, asset research, and borderless international possibilities, as well as the legal ramifications of this. All while keeping anonymous and safeguarding one’s own identity.

OSMOSIS Institute Events in 2022 - 2023

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United States | Florida, Tampa
October 16, 2022