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Karina Kokina

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area is a cornerstone of today’s global energy and industrial system, with about half of the world’s known oil and gas reserves, as well as much of the ability to process or use them. As the energy and utility companies in the area continue to digitalize their assets, they have grown more vulnerable to cyber attacks. In reality, the area has been and continues to be a strategic target of cyber assaults, with the energy sector accounting for half of all intrusions.

Every company’s ability to effectively manage and secure data and systems across the supply chain has become a commercial requirement. This CySSIG webinar will show you how to accomplish so efficiently, keeping in mind that present day operations frequently span complicated IT and OT systems.

The Cyber Security Special Interest Collection (CySSIG) is hosting a webinar that will bring together a group of specialists in the industry to discuss the problems they confront and the importance of new solutions. Following the lectures, audiences will have the chance to question the speakers individually and as a group in a moderated panel discussion.

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United Arab Emirates | Dubai
May 25, 2022