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Karina Kokina

QG Media

They are experts in connecting businesses and keeping them up to date on the newest developments that affect their operations on a daily basis. They help their clients capitalize on possibilities that arise in an ever-changing market while avoiding pitfalls. They link their customers with the people and knowledge that are most important to their enterprises, whether they are attending a high-level business summit & conference or a dinner evening.

QG Media is a producer of high-level B2B cybersecurity conferences and online content for senior professionals in industrial cyber security, artificial intelligence, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). They create communities of market-leading summits with a steering committee comprised of individuals from government, important institutions, academics, suppliers, and end-user firms, ensuring that the most current subjects are discussed and queries from across the sector are properly handled. The success of each QG Media event is dependent on mixing professionally crafted programming with many networking opportunities, regardless of industry specialization or location.

QG Media Events in 2022 - 2023

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United Arab Emirates | Dubai
January 22, 2022

United States | Texas, Houston
March 29, 2022

Germany | Munich
March 22, 2022

Singapore |
April 26, 2022

Portugal | Lisbon
May 5, 2022

Germany | Munich
May 10, 2022

Italy | Milan
May 24, 2022

France | Paris
June 1, 2022

Portugal | Lisbon
June 23, 2022

United Kingdom | London
September 13, 2022

United Kingdom | London
September 20, 2022

Denmark | Copenhagen
October 4, 2022

Netherlands | Amsterdam
October 11, 2022

Brazil | Sao Paulo
October 25, 2022

United States | Michigan, Chicago
November 24, 2022

Portugal | Lisbon
March 5, 2023