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Karina Kokina

Qubit Security

Since 2010, the QuBit Conference has provided a unique opportunity to connect with leading practitioners and debate topics such as cyber security, cloud, and new era technologies, data breaches, privacy – perhaps a new green movement in the information era, mobile device challenges, social networks, and digital forensics. They provide their hallmark – digital security and forensics workshops – real-world cyber warzone experience across many sectors, given by a superb group of renowned industry executives, visionaries, and luminaries. their mission is to share knowledge with those who are searching for information based on best practices, real-world implementation experiences, academic research, and an exploration of what is shaping tomorrow’s business environment. Every guest will discover a chance for cooperation and open talks, as well as new possible career ideas and professional chances. Their internal objective is to give you with an amazing experience by teaching on the most relevant IT security topics and case studies that will improve the way you manage your organization and keep it secure in a transparent manner. Their attendees’ greatest expectation is that they will provide the groundwork for professional dialogues and information exchange.

Qubit Security Events in 2022 - 2023

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Czechia | Prague
May 24, 2022