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Karina Kokina


The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to foster discussion, exchange resources, and solve the field’s difficulties. Through strong leadership, advocacy of the highest standards, and acknowledgment of technological accomplishment, ACM increases the profession’s collective voice as the world’s largest computer society. ACM encourages its members’ professional development by offering opportunities for lifelong learning, career advancement, and professional networking.

ACM, which was founded at the dawn of the computer era, has a global reach, with more than half of its approximately 100,000 members living outside the United States. As the organization’s membership has grown, it has formed Councils in Europe, India, and China, providing networking opportunities that build relationships between nations and technical groups. Their initiatives help ACM promote awareness of major technological, educational, and social concerns in computing across the world.

SYSTOR Events in 2022 - 2023

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Israel | Haifa
June 13, 2022