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Trescon Conferences

Trescon is a worldwide business events and consulting organization that serves a diverse customer base with a wide variety of business services – in areas like Cybersecurity and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Trescon was formed and is run by a group of experts with a combined experience of more than 8 decades in successfully producing business events, training, and consulting for corporations, governments, associations, and high-net-worth people all over the world.

Their advisory board is made up of an ever-expanding group of top industry executives and accomplished software entrepreneurs.

They try to provide creative and high-quality business platforms for their clients by having a thorough awareness of the realities and requirements of the growing areas in which they operate.

Through conferences, roadshows, expos, demand creation, and consulting services, they deliver highly focused B2B events that link organizations with prospects.

Their stated goal is to offer value to our client’s sales and marketing efforts, business development efforts, and learning and development programs. C-suite events, B2B customized events, Intelligent demand creation, Expos, and Investor connect are Trescon’s key business platforms.

The Dynamics of most popular online casinos : Creating Value With Data and Analytics

The World Data & Analytics Show is a global series of events that is driven by thought leadership and is focused on business. The events are held in important places throughout the world.

Taking place as part of a global tour, this ASEAN edition is virtually bringing together pre-qualified C-Suite information technology leaders and business analysts from across the ASEAN region. Other attendees include data heads, heads of research, industry practitioners, IT decision-makers, and experts in data & analytics.

At the show, you’ll hear from inspiring keynote speakers, hear about real-world government and enterprise use-cases presented, see product demonstrations, participate in panel discussions, and listen to tech talks to discuss the latest challenges and explore the latest applications in data-powered solutions.

World CX Summit – India

For the first time, IR Conf, a half-day virtual conference for industry professionals and emerging voices in incident response, will bring together frontline DevOps and SRE practitioners. Incident responders will gather to share horror stories about the worst outages, debate best practices, and learn more about how best to cope with disasters.

The World CX Summit is a global series of thought-leadership-driven, business-focused events held in important places throughout the world.

The Indian version of the worldwide series will bring together pre-qualified CX leaders ‘all under one roof’ to explore how the newest CX technology and customer insights may be integrated to revolutionize customer experience with a fresh approach.

The summit will also feature a mix of enlightening workshops, keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions that will provide delegates with practical insights into their Customer Experience strategy.

Domestic and international enterprises have revolutionized customer experience and marketing as we know it in the Indian Subcontinent as the Digital Wave has moved across the country. Digital and Emerging Technologies are employed in the New Age of most popular online casinos to provide better Products, Services, and Experiences.

With the development of the 24/7 Digital Customer, customer experience is at the forefront of company executives’ minds. You’ll hear from leaders who have successfully redesigned customer journeys to suit the expectations of the digital-first consumer at the World CX Summit – India.

The agenda has been carefully crafted to address issues that arise across different touchpoints, assisting you in breaking down barriers. The event will provoke both thought and action at your company through fascinating panel discussions, incisive keynotes, and intensive networking sessions.

Trescon Conferences Events in 2022 - 2023

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United Arab Emirates | Dubai
March 23, 2022

Poland | Warsaw
April 7, 2022

Canada | Toronto
April 27, 2022

United Arab Emirates | Dubai
May 25, 2022

Indonesia | Jakarta
June 8, 2022

Singapore | Singapore City
May 25, 2022

India | Mumbai
May 25, 2022

Singapore | Singapore
April 12, 2022

Singapore | Singapore (City)
April 19, 2022

India | Mumbai
April 27, 2022

Australia | Sydney
April 27, 2022

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